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The Kapsia Caves and Agia Foteini

The Kapsia Caves located in the Menalo region are a hidden gem. They are a fairyland storybook.

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An excellent guide led us through the caves of delicate stalactites and stalagmites, nature’s works of art that take thousands of years to form.

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The cave’s history dates back to the 4th and 5th centuries BC. Human remains and clay utensils discovered in the cave, prove that centuries ago it was inhabited.
A huge flood is said to have killed the residents of the cave.
There are vast areas that are still to be uncovered and explored.

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Agia Foteini of Mantineia is a ten-minute drive from the Kapsia Caves. This eccentric, charming
Greek Orthodox church was designed by the architect Costa Papatheodorou, who collected cast-off stones, tiles, bricks, marble, and mosaics from surrounding villages.

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The church was designed to create the illusion of motion and the feeling that the Holy Spirit moves around its axis. Therefore, it doesn’t have any specific front or back.

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The higgledy-piggledy façade gives Agia Foteini a unique appeal. It sits on a vast, open, peaceful plain of green fields surrounded by distant mountains.
The church was built in 1975 and inaugurated in 1978.

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A monument resembling a small temple sits in the church courtyard. It is dedicated to those heroes who defended Greece in the war against the Turks, while a circular columned fountain known as Jacob’s Well is reminiscent of the well where Christ met the Samaritan woman and asked for water.

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