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The Neighborhoods of Venice

Most European cities entice the visitor to walk and stroll, but in Venice walking is obligatory. It's hands down the best way to uncover the atmospheric nooks and crannies of the world's most whimsical city on the water. Don comfy,…

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The Island of Taquile – Peru

Isla Taquile, 27.9 miles from Puno, rests on Lake Titicaca surrounded by its sapphire waters. It is only a half mile wide and four miles long, with a population of two thousand. (Lake Titicaca at 12,507 ft. is said to…

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The Condors of Colca Canyon – Peru

From the outskirts of Arequipa, the road climbs into the mountains around hairpin bends through a protected nature reserve where Vicuna, Llama, and Alpaca run wild. Unusual species of birds and ducks populate the little lakes that have formed from…

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The Ancient Medina of Fes – Morocco

On arriving at Bab Recif, one of the ancient gates of the Fes medina, one is greeted by a scene lifted straight out of biblical times. It's chaotic and exhilarating. Goats, mules, sheep, camels, donkeys, carts, vendors, men dressed in…

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Two days in Nara-Japan

We arrived on the notoriously reliable and punctual bullet train at Nara station and hailed a cab. Neither his GPS nor directions from his fellow taxi drivers enabled our cab driver to locate the exact address of our Ryokan nestled…

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A Walking Tour of San Miguel de Allende- Mexico

Cobblestones, colors, church bells ringing, and a chirpy 'buenos dias signora' from a diminutive aproned signora delivering fresh tortillas. I'm back in San Miguel de Allende walking along Calle Recreo with a spring in my step and a song in…

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