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The Route From Hue To Hoi-An

We bade farewell to Hue: the iconic Imperial Palace; the Perfume River and the tranquility and pampering of the Pilgrimage Village Resort. It was a crisp November day. The narrow tree lined streets of Hue were aglow in the early…

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From Santa Fe to Taos – New Mexico

On a cloudy Sunday morning, we drove out of Santa Fe heading North on route 285/84. Destination: Breakfast at the Tesuque Village Market. Tesuque is just a twenty minute drive from Santa Fe but feels a world apart. It has…

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Santa Fe – New Mexico

Early November – the air was crisp, not a single cloud drifted across the blue skies, and the trees had not yet shed their halos of autumn leaves. We drove from California through the stark beauty of the Mojave Desert…

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Takayama – Japan

We boarded the bullet train in Tokyo at 8:00 a.m. during the morning rush hour – an intimidating experience for novices. Armies of men and women clad in grey, charcoal, and camel colored suits, walked briskly and purposefully to the…

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The Neighborhoods of Venice

Most European cities entice the visitor to walk and stroll, but in Venice walking is obligatory. It's hands down the best way to uncover the atmospheric nooks and crannies of the world's most whimsical city on the water. Don comfy,…

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The Island of Taquile – Peru

Isla Taquile, 27.9 miles from Puno, rests on Lake Titicaca surrounded by its sapphire waters. It is only a half mile wide and four miles long, with a population of two thousand. (Lake Titicaca at 12,507 ft. is said to…

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