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Men Of The World – India

From the narrow lanes and the Ghats of Old Varanasi, where holy men sit immersed in meditation on the banks the River Ganges; to Dharamshala where Tibetan monks dressed in ruby-red robes are a common sight in the town of McLeod Ganj; to Rajasthan where…


Sedona Arizona

Visitors are drawn to Sedona by its unique energy, which has an invigorating, calming and rejuvenating effect. It is said that Sedona has a 'healing heart.' It is nature's open-air cathedral where a spiritual aura radiates from the towering red rock formations. Meditation centers, spa…


Women Of The World – India

Poise, shades of cerise, and thousands of bangles of every color. Shapura- Rajasthan. An ancient carving outside the Jagdish Temple, offers shade and a space for contemplation. Udaipur-Rajasthan. Basket weaving in the Blue City- Jodhpur- Rajasthan. Listen to that bird singing in the treetop! Agra-…


Monument Valley- Arizona

Monument Valley rises out of the barren red-sand plains like nature's mystical outdoor sculpture exhibit. The massive sandstone rock formations created by Mother Nature form a lunar landscape. They dwarf the winding roads, cars and humans, reducing them to the size of slithering skinny snakes…



From Takayama, it's a one-hour bus ride to the Shirakawa-go region and the traditional storybook village of Ogimachi. Ogimachi lies cradled by the mountains in the Shokawa River Valley and is characterized by its enchanting wooden farmhouses capped with thick, steep, sloping, thatched roofs made…


Mumbai At Dawn

At 5:00 a.m., we hit the streets of a sleeping Mumbai. The wide boulevards – habitually clogged with traffic and the incessant racket of honking horns – are bathed in quiet and the golden light of sentinel street lamps. While Mumbai slumbers, pockets of workers…