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The Algarve – Tavira – Portugal

Many years ago, Albufeira, on the Algarve coast, had become a trendy destination that retained all the charm of a traditional Portuguese fishing village. Today, it’s overrun by a tsunami of tourists and foreigners, who make it their permanent or second home for the summer…


Evora – Portugal

Evora, the capital of the Alentejo region of Portugal, sits on relatively flat ground surrounded by medieval walls that have survived virtually untouched throughout the ages. On a sunny spring Sunday, its blinding-white buildings sparkled in the sunshine. Their pristine whiteness accentuates a contrast with…


Estremoz – Portugal

Estremoz, also known as The White City, is renowned for its magnificent marble in shades of pink, oatmeal, grey, black, and pure white. Sidewalks, steps, fountains, churches, and public buildings are adorned with marble from nearby quarries. In all of Europe, Estremoz marble is second…


Monsanto – Portugal

Like most Medieval towns, Monsanto sits on a hilltop, presiding over a landscape of cultivated fields and valleys carpeted in wildflowers, vineyards, and villages. What makes Monsanto unique is that the village is built into massive granite boulders. Blending nature with man-made structures, the boulders…


Marvão – A Portuguese Gem

Marvão perches on a granite crest high above the surrounding valleys. It commands a three-hundred-sixty-degree view that stretches all the way to the Portuguese border and beyond into Spain. The recorded history of Marvão dates back to the late 9th century when the Muwallad chieftain,…


Arraiolos – Portugal

Arraiolos cascades down a hillside dominated by a circular castle. In the spring, the surrounding landscape is a glorious patchwork of lush green grass and bright red wild poppies that turn their little faces toward the sparkling blue skies. The village is famous for its…

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