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Mumbai At Dawn

At 5:00 a.m., we hit the streets of a sleeping Mumbai. The wide boulevards – habitually clogged with traffic and the incessant racket of honking horns – are bathed in quiet and the golden light of sentinel street lamps. While Mumbai slumbers, pockets of workers…


Women Of The World – Myanmar

The Kayan Lahwi minority tribe. The Kayan are commonly called the Padaung, a Shan word meaning: 'Lady with the long neck.' Young girls begin wearing brass coils around their necks at around eight years old. More coils are added as they age and are rarely…


A Walk Through Rome

The shimmering white, marble Monument of Victor Emmanuel II situated between Capitol Hill and Piazza Venezia, boasts columns, grand stairways, and a commanding bronze statue of the king on horseback. The monument is an imposing structure, which one can glimpse from many of Rome's neighborhoods;…


Women of the World – TIBET

A palpable aura of spirituality envelops the heart of Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, where Buddhism is a part of the smallest detail of everyday living. The iconic Portola Palace – which for centuries was the home of the Dalai Lama – watches over…


Guanajuato- Mexico
A Walking Tour Of The Plazas

Guanajuato captivates first time visitors with its intoxicating energy, unique charm, and hidden treasures. This is a walking town with an abundance of plazas where locals and university students meet, musicians stroll, restaurants spill onto the plazas, and the buildings are painted in a riot…


Women Of The World – Vietnam

From traditional Vietnamese cone shaped hats ' Non La', to the elaborate, handcrafted turbans and embroidered clothing of the Red Dao; and from the baggy pants common in Hanoi and Hoi An, to the elegant Ao Dai for which Vietnam is famous; women's style of…